Friday, 2 December 2011

Forecast: TEM(P)T(ing)

If there's one thing I love more than Veronica Mars, Zombie life, playing dress up on a variety of girl games probably aimed at 5 year olds, I love sales.   More than that, even though I've been experimenting with pastel and nudes a lot, I will forever still adore prints and anything that has a hail!spanish-speaking-part-of-latin-america fiesta vibe. 

TEMT is never going to be a major retailer, and ok it's cheap, and like most places; you pay for what you get.  That said, even though it is cheap, the quality is fairly good, browsing the sales rack takes time but what you find if you look hard enough is usually cute, on trend with a good helping of personality that heaps of brand stores don't really offer (looking at you Cotton On, Supre).  I got these two little items on Wednesday for $15 each, and I am in love.  Yes - do I really need another highwaisted print skirt?  Probably not; but in my defence it's a different, playful kind of aztec-y print which is different and I didn't even try on this shirt before I grabbed it.  To me it's several different kinds of fashion brilliance - prints, fringing, and what I like best is that even though the fringing gives it that festival-vibe which I don't always dislike, it doesn't have that cheap-cotton feel of most clothes like that and I could just as easily pair it with a nude skirt. 

I have this little rule when I buy clothes; if I can't imagine a piece with atleast a outfit on the spot, and three others then I really, really shouldn't buy it.  This was the first thing that popped into my head; mis-matching prints, mexicali-inspired festival fever with just a little bit of biker influence.  

fringed crop singlet and print skirt are both from (paperscissors). 
the strange tentacle/spermreproduction necklace is from (equip)
that I happened to be wearing at the mall when I took this. 

That said, I sense a spring/summer wardrobe clean up coming up.  I've been free from highschool for about a week, and my room and the surrounding rooms are totally trashed with clothes and random shit.  And yes, that is pokemon heart gold. 

Yes, this are honestly genuine pics.  (I has a lot of work).   

Over to you
Anni (x)

All pictures were taken on my phone, and edited with instagram. 
Fashion illustrations are all mine, outfits are credited to the brand labels. 

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