Sunday, 25 March 2012

Flapper(ette) Files

Maybe it's the spreading influence of the 2012 Gatsby remake, but the 20s are finally back and for me, even more than the appeal of hand painted pin up girls, the jazz influenced hedonism that floats around the exposed ankles of a delicated fringed flapper dress as its owner dances the night away will always be my one true love. And then while killing time over at Honestly WTF I came across the most beautiful reinterpretation of flapper style in Vogue Turkey's 2012 Cover.

Images sourced from:
honestlywtf - turkey editorial, movie screenshot from omgohmygatsby, flysongbird @blogspot

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  1. I love flappers!! It was first introduction to fashion and I was completely hooked!!!! Love these photos!!!!