Friday, 29 June 2012

Dressing for the Western Dandy

I like my ethereal fairy girl in the forest ads as much as any tumblr trawling girl.  I UNDERSTAND the utter allure of that Khaleesi-esque woman-child in that sheer white dress pawing at tree trunks and with her headband of flowers while a equally cute fawn nuzzles at her knees.  But sometimes...I just want it brash, unapologetic and paradoxically moonlight suave all at once.  Introducing, all the glory of Etro's A/W 2013 dandy-gone-western collection.   I've honestly had this campaign saved on my desktop for the last four days so I could glance at it occasionally and bathe in its utter perfection.  This whole campaign inspired me so much and made me long for fall again even though I am in the middle of suffering through winter.  Standouts for me are the color/pattern-blocked satchels of perfection, printed menshirts, that unbelievable snakeskin suit and the rich jewel tones throughout.  Also, that scaled hat.

Here is the official description from the ETRO website. 

Fall Winter 2013 Campaign


The everyday celebrates beauty. There are no boundaries between day and night. The new Etro campaign inhabits a space that can only be defined by chromatic rhythm, an imaginary place where reality and fantasy blur together to become one. In the winter collections, graphic elements in black and white meet shining night shades, translating the exotic references in a sophisticated and contemporary urban mood. The man discovers feathers and learns about the lightness of flight. The woman turns the dandy elements into a feminine concept, with elegance and irony. Meanwhile, the Paisley pattern runs along the silhouette, through the richness of materials, playing with overlaps and optical illusions.




Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fashion Illustration: Project Purple

Well, I've officially started my online classes (yes, I'm so ridiculously dedicated that I'm taking classes away from college) which is overall less time to do things but I also happen to be one of those crazy people who are more happy and productive when they have heaps on their plate.  If I had was a sim, I'm pretty sure workaholic would definitely be a trait.  I also am in the process of working on some blog designs for some fantastically stylish ladies that I can't wait to share the results in a couple of weeks with everyone! :)  I've been branching out a lot lately in terms of style and it's definitely working.  This greek/roman influenced muse bust design was created for the June Theme Challenge: Purple for DA: FashionIllustrators. I've also added a handy "Illustration Pinboard" page where you can take a quick flick up through some recent projects (I haven't quite gotten around to properly categorizing it all so bear with me please while it remains a WIP). 


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Moschino Me Crazy

I know this line came out a little while back so by now it's only relatively lukewarm off the press but is anyone else seriously excited by everything that is Moschino Resort 2013?! I mean - citrus brights! Floral layering! Classic (almost mod) lines with lady-like touches!  Moschino pretty much stuck their designer feet into every upcoming trend but there is still a cohesion to the whole collection.  Despite it's softer pieces, it's still structured, sleek and for all it's sophistication there are so little fun throwbacks that really make you smile. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

*Images @

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I didn't intend to do it, but I ended up wearing triple leather to see Rock of Ages which made me all nostalgic for my very first music love - hair metal.  And slightly less embarrassed to admit I genuinely like a few Poison songs.  Like most people, this trusty 3 year old Scrapbook leather bomber that I attached a faux-fur collar onto has been a absolute staple in my winter wardrobe.   Effortlessly classy and cool with a solid heaping of kickass.  I went with different neutral shades of leather and apart from the jacket, tried to keep everything else fairly classic in terms of silhouettes to make it more day-time casual and less rocker.  The amazing leather belt was a absolute steal at The Paperbag Princess, a thrift store in Auckland for $4.  Let's be honest: leather, lace and tassels in neutral?  How could this belt be any more beautifully versatile. 

customized leather bomber: scrapbook - wildpair
two-tone blouse: chicabooti - valleygirl
pleated leather shorts: MD Fashion: taobao
belt: thrifted
bag: taobao
shoes: charlotte russe


Monday, 18 June 2012


Headed out for a spot of lunch, costume jewelry window shopping which turned into actual shopping (damn you $4 sales!) and to hand in a few resumes just incase something turns up which of course means dressing in the signature color of I wanted something that looked semi-casual but also very put together and chic = my take on minimalism.  This glitter threaded oversized jumper is something I picked up at Civvies in Savannah for $11 and it is now my winter go-to staple. Whenever I feel like a blazer or a trenchcoat feels too overdressed, I just chuck this over absolutely anything and I'm snug as glittery discoball bug. I paired it with a high-waisted leather pencil skirt borrowed from my Mom's fabulous wardrobe that will infinitely get its own post one day soon.  In other news, after the third attempt at wearing these adorable velvet snakeprint wedges out I have finally worn out a 6 enough that it's comfortable for my 6.5 feet!  WIN. 


glitter threaded oversized cardigan: thrifted - Civvies
mustard retro sleeveless blouse:  paper scissors - TEMT
high waisted leather pencil skirt - vintage
velvet snakeskin wedges - qupid - Charlotte Russe
red and black striped bag - SM Department Store


Saturday, 16 June 2012


Yesterday night (while pondering what to wear) I discovered that one of my fashion aspirations is to generally look like a expensive box of chocolates.  Sleek, layers upon layers and beautiful rich indulgent colors in shiny fabric.  So if anyone asks what my style icon is, there you have it.  I wore this out for a morning walk to the Sunday market, hence casual with practical walking shoes.  I'm actually wearing a blazer on top of a blazer-style hoodie which has become my winter default when it comes to layering.  The gray blazer hoodie design is so brilliant that it will definitely get its own post sometime - it's one of those pieces that are almost dressy but not quite so I can turn up to places without being overdressed as usual.  These high-waisted shorts are from M.D Studio of MedFashion @ Taobao and they were such a interesting cut I ended up getting a pair in mustard and chimney brick red. 

One thing I love about Sunday markets is the load of random, cheap and kind of awesome stuff all over the place.  Nodding cats?  Check.  Neon horse lamp?  Check.  Last chance sales?  Check.  Delicious fried mussels?  Check.  Spotted the most brilliant thrifted lace slip dress for $5 but then when I came back with cash in hand, someone had taken it and my heart broke a little bit.

 black 3/4 sleeve blazer: chicabooti - valleygirl
grey black detail blazer-design hoodie: chicabooti - valleygirl
pinstripe blouse: mum's
chimney high waisted elf shorts: MD fashion
boots: somewhere on taobao

Fashion Illustration: Ugly By Design

This was the first time in ages I've had time to do some fashion illustration so it was awesome to get back into it.  This three-piece evening-wear inspired collection is created for a fun little challenge on DA: Fashion Fever Contest.  The idea was to create three evening wear pieces with each piece using atleast 50% of pre-selected "ugly" fabric.  Funny thing was that I actually quite liked a couple, especially that bird print that would look gorgeous on kimono-style blazers.  Full b&w formal seemed dead boring with such a selection so I went for a more s/s business formal tailoring.  This is also a experiment with illustration actually; this is the first time I've layered fabric swatches/shapes without a outline for a japanese paper doll look and I think I've pulled it off pretty well. 

In a nutshell: pattern blocking, strong silhouettes, quirky business formal

close-up detail: 

official brief & workbook photolog:


Friday, 15 June 2012

Muse Files: 01

If there's one thing I will always be mad proud about with regards to NZ, it's our ability to churn out original, unmistakably beautiful and talented muso girls.  Ruby Frost (pseudonym created for a short story competition) is pretty much the raddest JAFA (Auckland REP!) on the planet right now.  She writes her own beautifully abstract pop songs citing Bjork and Kate Bush as influences, has that haunting quality in her voice and probably draws stylistic inspiration from ice sprites in her self-tailored costumes.  I am kind of fan-jizzing over the fact that I will hopefully see her live in about a week and be totally blown away.  Can. Not. Wait.   

In a Arty Nutshell:
More multiple perspectives than a Picasso portrait,  auroras, triangle filters and glitter

Aside from making great music, every one of her MVs are so visually inspiring that here screen capture montage of each one. 

Water To Ice:




Her new album Volition has just hit the shops.  More details at: 


Images for MVs taken from official youtube video screen captures.  
First and last image attributed to scans of Groove Guide (shit worth doing) June 13-19 2012 issue.