Thursday, 14 June 2012


When it comes to style, mine is usually classic, preppy and very tailored which is why this outfit is a little oddly bohemian for me (still I make up for it with a minimal color palette and strong silhouettes).  I wore this out for a day of trailing through Auckland in search of the perfect indulgent slice of cake and thrift stores so naturally, my outfit had to be just as luxuriously vintage. 

The amazing floral jacket I'm wearing is actually a brand new piece of a coldwater creek 3pc set that I thrifted from Goodwill for about $7 when the full price was over 100+!  So mega boss points for me.  The asos shirt I have pretty much worn over 7 times and I've had it for about two weeks because it happens to go with just about everything and is perfect for the monochrome loving almost-capital Auckland.  Gorgeously over-decorated goddess belt is something I picked up five years back in Shanghai and feels like glamazon battle armor. 

And of course...the MC hammer pants.  Back in the days of being in middle school and dreadful insecurities and a desire to look exactly like every other billabong-head-to-toe cool girl, my super stylish mother picked this up in Shanghai and I told her, under NO CONDITIONS EVER was to wear those pants outside.  I WOULD DIE.  Looking back - yes, I still die everytime I see/wear these....from glory.  They are perfect.  These (super comfy and warm) pants are in fact, the shit. I had the best conversation about MC Hammer's crotch with a vintage shop owner today; he pointed out that those pants could hold a midget holding a lunchbox and wrench.  Because these things always happened in threes. 

But of course.    (Also - first ever shoot with my brand new DSLR camera! c: )

Floral Jacket (originally 3pc) : Coldwater Creek
Contrast collar blouse: ASOS
Statement jewel tassel belt, glitter threaded corduroy harem pants :Shanghai
Chunky platform boots: Stario



  1. Such a pretty floral jacket! (:


  2. Hi Anni, I love your blazer, so cute!!!! let's follow each other. I am following you now.