Monday, 18 June 2012


Headed out for a spot of lunch, costume jewelry window shopping which turned into actual shopping (damn you $4 sales!) and to hand in a few resumes just incase something turns up which of course means dressing in the signature color of I wanted something that looked semi-casual but also very put together and chic = my take on minimalism.  This glitter threaded oversized jumper is something I picked up at Civvies in Savannah for $11 and it is now my winter go-to staple. Whenever I feel like a blazer or a trenchcoat feels too overdressed, I just chuck this over absolutely anything and I'm snug as glittery discoball bug. I paired it with a high-waisted leather pencil skirt borrowed from my Mom's fabulous wardrobe that will infinitely get its own post one day soon.  In other news, after the third attempt at wearing these adorable velvet snakeprint wedges out I have finally worn out a 6 enough that it's comfortable for my 6.5 feet!  WIN. 


glitter threaded oversized cardigan: thrifted - Civvies
mustard retro sleeveless blouse:  paper scissors - TEMT
high waisted leather pencil skirt - vintage
velvet snakeskin wedges - qupid - Charlotte Russe
red and black striped bag - SM Department Store


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  1. Love it! amazing outfit:)everything really goes together and I love how the sweater is so big yet you can still see the skirt and those shoes are so perf<3