Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I didn't intend to do it, but I ended up wearing triple leather to see Rock of Ages which made me all nostalgic for my very first music love - hair metal.  And slightly less embarrassed to admit I genuinely like a few Poison songs.  Like most people, this trusty 3 year old Scrapbook leather bomber that I attached a faux-fur collar onto has been a absolute staple in my winter wardrobe.   Effortlessly classy and cool with a solid heaping of kickass.  I went with different neutral shades of leather and apart from the jacket, tried to keep everything else fairly classic in terms of silhouettes to make it more day-time casual and less rocker.  The amazing leather belt was a absolute steal at The Paperbag Princess, a thrift store in Auckland for $4.  Let's be honest: leather, lace and tassels in neutral?  How could this belt be any more beautifully versatile. 

customized leather bomber: scrapbook - wildpair
two-tone blouse: chicabooti - valleygirl
pleated leather shorts: MD Fashion: taobao
belt: thrifted
bag: taobao
shoes: charlotte russe


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  1. Love this outfit! The shorts and the shoes are my fave :)