Friday, 8 June 2012

A/W 2012: NZ Round Up

As proof I was back in real city versus a beautifully tourist southern city in the states, I watched a good mob of 50 or so people line up in the cold wet drizzle to get a free cup of coffee.  Oh, Aucklanders.  The weather has pretty much been all round dreadful since I got back and am I suffering from color/print deprivation in the monochromatic abyss that is NZ fashion?  A little bit.  But winter is one of my favorite fashion season by far for all the layering opportunities, and seeing what the A/W has to offer from our homegrown designers has definitely made up for all the that drizzle.  These are definitely my picks for this season.   

Juliette Hogan (A/W 2012):
Effortlessly elegant and feminine, season after season.  I am so incredibly glad that more has been offered outside of the pleated floral prints that seem to trickle down in different shades every season - there is still a little of that but it's the simple structure, classic pieces with luxe silhouettes and that perfect tailoring that really has my heart racing. 

LIAM (A/W 2012):
As Ruby's older sister, the pieces are geared towards a more mature audience but I can't help but adore the perfect fit and elegance of these two suit pieces.  The chartreuse takes me straight to halls of Downton Abbey (my latest guilty pleasure) and the electric blue peeking out of the tan overcoat is the perfect nod to neon accents. 

WORLD (A/W 2012)
When it comes to my absolute favorite NZ brand there is really nothing left to say; so good it hurts.  Structured retro bustier print blouses, subtle plaid against leopard print and mint fur wraps, crisp clean collars, slouchy velvet and relaxed sports-luxe jackets.  This by far the most unique take on traditional winter colours I've seen and with classically preppy vibe that makes up my wardrobe?  Nothing can top this. 

ZAMBESI (A/W 2012)
I am not the biggest fan of neon, sportswear or the stark neutral greys and blacks that tend to come out of Zambesi.  I thought the S/S range was spectacular in terms of print and colour, but I was overall less excited about the actual structure of the pieces.  Maybe it's the influence of the Olympic fever filtering down, but the casual layering and neon accents have really stood out for me this season.  The overall collection wasn't fantastic, but the neon accents will inspire me for the rest of winter and there is something dashing, strong and unapologetic about its darker monochromatic pieces that make me think of Lisbeth Salander.  Also, look at that bruise-eyed, red-lipstick bitchface.  Perfection. 

I do casual the same way the Queen gets takeout - never (or if we do, very secretly).  Vintage structured high waisted skorts?  Yes.  Jersey dresses?  Not so much.  Still, there is something so on-the-pulse, simple and effortlessly easy about this collection that has me drawn to it anyway.  In particular - those hats.  I don't do caps....and I would happily make a exception for these.


*images sourced from FashioNZ lookbooks

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