Saturday, 16 June 2012

Fashion Illustration: Ugly By Design

This was the first time in ages I've had time to do some fashion illustration so it was awesome to get back into it.  This three-piece evening-wear inspired collection is created for a fun little challenge on DA: Fashion Fever Contest.  The idea was to create three evening wear pieces with each piece using atleast 50% of pre-selected "ugly" fabric.  Funny thing was that I actually quite liked a couple, especially that bird print that would look gorgeous on kimono-style blazers.  Full b&w formal seemed dead boring with such a selection so I went for a more s/s business formal tailoring.  This is also a experiment with illustration actually; this is the first time I've layered fabric swatches/shapes without a outline for a japanese paper doll look and I think I've pulled it off pretty well. 

In a nutshell: pattern blocking, strong silhouettes, quirky business formal

close-up detail: 

official brief & workbook photolog:



  1. wow! pretty neat illustrations! i love those! thanks for dropping by my blog! xx

  2. None of those fabrics look ugly to me, but then I do love my 70s designs :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  3. I love your sketches! :) You're a great drawer!