Friday, 15 June 2012

Muse Files: 01

If there's one thing I will always be mad proud about with regards to NZ, it's our ability to churn out original, unmistakably beautiful and talented muso girls.  Ruby Frost (pseudonym created for a short story competition) is pretty much the raddest JAFA (Auckland REP!) on the planet right now.  She writes her own beautifully abstract pop songs citing Bjork and Kate Bush as influences, has that haunting quality in her voice and probably draws stylistic inspiration from ice sprites in her self-tailored costumes.  I am kind of fan-jizzing over the fact that I will hopefully see her live in about a week and be totally blown away.  Can. Not. Wait.   

In a Arty Nutshell:
More multiple perspectives than a Picasso portrait,  auroras, triangle filters and glitter

Aside from making great music, every one of her MVs are so visually inspiring that here screen capture montage of each one. 

Water To Ice:




Her new album Volition has just hit the shops.  More details at: 


Images for MVs taken from official youtube video screen captures.  
First and last image attributed to scans of Groove Guide (shit worth doing) June 13-19 2012 issue. 

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  1. Thanks sooo soo much for your lovely comments on my blog!! Love all these photos! Great inspiration!!!! :)