Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Opening Ceremony X Adidas

It is happening.  I am being converted into liking sharp, sports-inspired streetwear.  First Zambesi.  Now this.  I should not be impressed by cropped zipper tanks in fluorescent mis-matched prints or the most stunning mondrian-meets-tie-dye jacket paired with essentially, cool biking shorts printed or printed sneakers that almost look like sequins from a distance.

But I am.  So.  So.  Impressed.  Especially by that mondrian-esque sports jacket and the fact that the tops have false collars created by clever pattern changes and thread lines.  Can I also point out how ridiculously perfect Xiao Wen Ju is as a campaign model?  Look at that image of with that perfectly neon swim cap that matches her eye shadow.  Win.  Ultimate win. 

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