Saturday, 16 June 2012


Yesterday night (while pondering what to wear) I discovered that one of my fashion aspirations is to generally look like a expensive box of chocolates.  Sleek, layers upon layers and beautiful rich indulgent colors in shiny fabric.  So if anyone asks what my style icon is, there you have it.  I wore this out for a morning walk to the Sunday market, hence casual with practical walking shoes.  I'm actually wearing a blazer on top of a blazer-style hoodie which has become my winter default when it comes to layering.  The gray blazer hoodie design is so brilliant that it will definitely get its own post sometime - it's one of those pieces that are almost dressy but not quite so I can turn up to places without being overdressed as usual.  These high-waisted shorts are from M.D Studio of MedFashion @ Taobao and they were such a interesting cut I ended up getting a pair in mustard and chimney brick red. 

One thing I love about Sunday markets is the load of random, cheap and kind of awesome stuff all over the place.  Nodding cats?  Check.  Neon horse lamp?  Check.  Last chance sales?  Check.  Delicious fried mussels?  Check.  Spotted the most brilliant thrifted lace slip dress for $5 but then when I came back with cash in hand, someone had taken it and my heart broke a little bit.

 black 3/4 sleeve blazer: chicabooti - valleygirl
grey black detail blazer-design hoodie: chicabooti - valleygirl
pinstripe blouse: mum's
chimney high waisted elf shorts: MD fashion
boots: somewhere on taobao


  1. I love those boots!! just the sorta thing Im looking for over here, I need the extra height :)

  2. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog earlier!
    i love your style & your blog too! maybe we can follow each other (:

  3. i love your blouse and your blazer xx

  4. great style! thanks for your comment on my blog.. follow u back

  5. Oh wow! I love this! Though it is a little too hot to wear this where i live ;) but for fall, it's a beautiful look! :)

  6. Nice shorts!

  7. loving your blazer sweetie u look adorable following you back you have a great blog kisses

  8. Love the outfit!! :)


  9. Love the outfit!!
    Thanks for following me (: I'm now following you via GFC and bloglovin (;