Monday, 2 July 2012


I know - outfit posts have been a little lacking lately, mostly thanks to a week of being very, very lazy and also absolutely horrid weather.  :(  (Plus side: influx of time to work on summer classes, art and commissions.) There was a little spot of sunshine today, freezing sunshine but sunshine nonetheless so I took time to a little photographing of what I wore to see Brave today.  :)  In other news, the much nicer quality of photos is thanks to my little sister who is on break currently and able to take pictures for me.   This coat is one of my favorite winter pieces mostly because it ends at length that doesn't dwarf my petite height (5ft.3), is a gorgeous teal and most importantly has a really interesting ruffled collar.  It's originally bought of Taobao (which is a bit like chinese ebay), and the original translation for the collar style is a "dumpling" collar according to Google translate which I thought was positively adorable.  From the coat on, it was just layering until I felt warm enough topped off with my favorite winter tights that literally go with everything I own because maroon just wins at life. 


teal dumpling collar overcoat - korean brand from taobao
white silk detail collared blouse - custom, vintage
rose jumper - factorie
brown layered ruffle skort - monica dan
maroon tights - glassons
leopard print heels - f21



  1. i sooo love your coat. nice color. thanks for following my blog, following you back now :)

  2. You look adorable!! Lovely outfit, especially the skirt and the coat :)
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  3. YOU LOOK AMAZING Dear in love with the colour of your coat dear is so sophisticated so glad the weather is getting better where you live .
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    I wanted to ask you how did you put the lookbook button under your pics?
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  5. You look amazing..
    lovely outfit :)
    i really love the your coat !
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  7. Muy linda! me encanta la falda!

    Un abrazo,

  8. You're so pretty :)

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  9. This is an absolutely gorgeous coat- beautiful colour :) Man, I am so jealous you went to see Brave- it's not out here yet xx

  10. Thank you for the sweet comment honey... you're already n my list :) stay n touch
    xx shey

  11. ur coat is amazing! love your whole outfit here. u combined it perfectly

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  12. nice look!

  13. omg I know exactly what you mean!! I only do outfit photos twice a week, but it's hard even getting that done with this horrible weather. I hear Canberra's weather is similar to NZ??

    Love the colours in this outfit~ I so want that skort!!!

  14. Love your outfit ! :)

    You look amazing :)

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  15. Such a cute outfit! You layered so well. The floral top, forest green jacket, and maroon tights go together so perfectly :)
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  16. Oh my gosh. I can't believe you are able to wear that in July! We are obviously from different parts of the world. I'm in AZ and this week its been about 110 degrees F like everyday. I am so jealous!!!! Such a cute coat.

  17. I'm from Slovenia and we have 40C and more right now :D

  18. oh thank you so much for visiting my blog! I just came to take a peak at yours and I'm loving it! :)
    amazing outfit by the way, love the colours :)

  19. I love the color scheme of the outfit. You look like a porcelain doll. :)

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  20. the color of the coat matches your vintage outfit! :) isn't taobao the best?

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