Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Circle My Heart, Cinch Me Up (workwear)

When you consider Betty Suarez of Ugly Betty a true style icon, that officially puts you in the realm of a pattern aficionado.  I am one of those people who gravitate towards patterns, usually the more garish, vintage vibe the better and as a result, a whole lot of my basics including one of my favorite long coats which regular people tend to buy in neutrals is...purple pinstriped with yellow with large buttons reminiscent of Victorian menswear with a detachable mauve fur collar.

Today I went with a little bit of a 70s throwback with this adorable jersey knit dress that my mom had the good taste to pick up over 5 years ago on my first, and (so far,) only trip to Shanghai, China.  I didn't plan it but as I was putting this outfit together I realized it matched perfectly with my OPI nail polish and the bag I carry my laptop/tablet/all my shit in to work everyday as well.  I guess it's hard not to match when the pattern on the dress is about five different colors.  Just to tone down the colors a bit, I went with neutral shoes, and the same beige jacket on top to keep it classy and work appropriate.  Completely off topic: can anyone else believe it's August already?!!  It's crazy that 2012 is officially 3/4 over already!
A quick little sketch: I enjoyed doing the last two in the last post so much that I think I'm going to keep it up as a challenge for myself.  One super fast 30min snap-shot style sketch per day (or atleast, per post hopefully)! 
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket As a petite girl with a curves, high waisted is most definitely my friend.  So when those neat little pencil skirts started getting a lot more use, I realized that I needed a classic, but still unique belt that would go with just about anything so I could still use it when I headed back to college this fall. This snake-print belt with a double rose clasp was really a dream come true and its adjustable clasp work meant that it could fit perfectly even for someone with a pretty miniscule waist like me. Photobucket
beige corduroy coat : vintage
70s print jersey knit dress: boutique in Shanghai
red cashmere scarf : gift
belt: unbranded, online
bag: SM Department Store
pyramid ring, diamond chandelier earrings: EQUIP
grey booties: Charlotte Russe



  1. Hi illustrator!!!:D
    looking forward for more illustration posted in this blog


  2. I love it!! I wish I could wear outfits like that here in our tropical country :(


  3. omg awesome outfit! love it! haha i get the betty inspiration but you look amazing! and i love the sketch :P



  4. Amazing outft! Love your style. :)

  5. that belt is so pretty. what do you use for your illustrations?


    1. I draw on Adobe Photoshop using a tablet, sometimes I sketch by hand first and transform it on, other times I don't. My tablet is a Intuous 3 which is pretty old now by tech standards but it does everything I could possibly need it to do so I'm pretty satisfied.

  6. Firstly, your blog header is so cute!
    Secondly, that outfit is really lovely. Its so perfect for a nice, casual day out.


  7. love the outfit! I tend to be picky about patterns on my clothes, but this here is lovely!


  8. I really love your outfit!!

    xo http://inmysocks.blogspot.com.es/

  9. I love seeing the sketch with the matching outfit. Such a great idea.

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  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! love yours, followin' you!
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  11. thanks for following my blog love. Really like the illustrations on yours, you're very talented! The fashion shots are v pretty too =] xx

  12. I hope you keep up these quickie illustrations! They're so lovely. :)
    And ahh that pattern is truly wonderful. I have actually never seen Ugly Betty - do you recommend it?
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  13. great accessories! oh i adore you for idolizing Betty Suarez! i'm obsessed with that show The Ugly Betty hahaha. Betty's outfits aren't really my cup of tea but everything there, including betty's looks themselves, are admittedly very inspiring!


  14. Oh I love your illustration! It's adorable! And I must say that I'm quite smitten with the print of your dress.

  15. that illustration is the cutest ever! fabulous

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  16. I love your booties! They are so pretty. Your illustration is also beautiful.

    xx Nikki noteablechic.blogspot.com

  17. Thank you for liking and hyping my looks on lookbook. I love how creative you are! Your illustrations are adorable, I wish I had the same talent. Let's follow each other's blog?

  18. GReat post! love the illustration and love your dress a lot. it's perfect!

  19. u are such a talented illustrator!
    every outfit you draw exactly captures how amazing your outfit really is.

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    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom
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  20. Thanks for visit and comment!!!
    Wow you're illustrations wow

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