Monday, 9 July 2012

Double Dip

While totally-not-checking-my-email-at-work-in-the-lobby, I happened upon the fact that I actually ended up being the lucky winner of Prisca of Mochaccinoland's giveway!  I can't wait to receive the gorgeous collar from her and photograph it for everyone.  So this quick sketch is a bit of a thankyou to Prisca for hosting the giveaway, and also for everyone who's followed me (I'm honestly a bit stunned and super grateful at all the support I've gotten for my little blog.)

Collar Necklace Giveway

Second, and just as exciting for me to announce: last year in December I won a summer-dress design competition for Dotti's design-a-bits segment which I hyperventilated over for a hour when I found out.  I'm pretty sure I took a screenshot and then ran in circles screaming like a hamster on crack.  Either way, it's been out for a while as a a/w 2012 release, but I only recently got my copy of the dress now that I've come home.   It's ridiculously perfect and flattering, fits like it was custom made and yes, I am allowed to hype my own stuff and I have planned a shoot for it with a special tarot card inspired art piece I can't wait to share with you all eventually.  While I get up to doing that, here is the screenshot on the Dotti website in 2011 and the link to current piece on sale.  I planned on showing my two original concepts, one of which won but I can't seem to find the originals on my computer...I have this terrible feeling they are lost forever (D:), but I am in the process of trying to reach a Dotti rep incase they still have one.  As you can see from the tiny screenshot, originally the dress was a nude-black-white combo, but a representative approached me after and asked if they could change up some of the fabrics and the colors a little.  I was a little hesitant about it becoming yet another LBD but it turned out fabulously quirky with its little details and still manages to stand out.  :)

The dress is currently on sale here:



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