Friday, 31 August 2012

Pastel Prep

Yesterday was enough extreme girlyness for now so it's back to what I call my comfort zone staples - vintage barber-shop-inspired preppy.  I know comfort zones are something I try to break as much as possible because, hey new experiences are kickass and terrifying and rewarding like that but there are some days where I am too busy or too tired and it's nice to put on something that is ridiculously simple and familiar.  On another note - this is my last weekend in Auckland for a good couple of months as I head back to for college in week for sophomore year (:D!).  While I am a bit sad to be missing out on NZFW (I will be stalking KatherineIsAwesome for updates), I am also ridiculously excited to see people again, take classes and....reunite with the rest of my wardrobe which has been locked over in storage because the luggage limit will not let me lug back 20+ extra pairs of heels and chunky platforms.  I usually wear these shorts inherited from my mom in their full high-waisted glory with a tucked in shirt (thank you Jason WuxTarget Goodwill thrifts!) but I decided to take a little risk today and just leave out this blouse which first debuted here which actually created a drop-waist silhouette which is new for me, and therefore interesting. Whenever things get a little too pastel-esque and I want to keep it a little more slick, I just toss on a blazer or a fitted coat, match it to my shoes as if I'm the Queen (who is completely, unironically one of my greatest style icons) and walk with my head held high and a imaginary corgi by my side.  Make that two, one for foot enclosed in these gorgeous Charlotte Russe booties.

Alright - I know I've worn this jacket at least for three posts, but in my defense it was pretty chilly in the morning at 7:30 and its a new month...clean slate? That, and this thing is wonderfully warm, goes with everything and is yet another inherited piece from my mom. Who says style isn't genetic?
 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

bowler hat - Indy D @ Lippy
corduroy coat, boxy skort - vintage
shirt - taobao @ MD Fashion 
blazer - Chicabootie @ Valley Girl
tights - Glassons
wedge booties - Charlotte Russe

Side note: are any Auckland Bloggers going to be heading up to NZFW - if so, drop me a link so I can stalk/feel hometown pride via eye-rape-ing your blog next week while you head to shows and afterparties and look amazing while you do it.  :)


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Loli-ed Up

If you thought yesterday's outfit was sweet, this is probably going to give you a toothache. I'm not much of a lolita girl in general, I adore the girls, appreciate the outfits but it's just a little too much for me to take on as a style every single day...but for the debut of my new corsage faux-litas DIY, I figured I had to bite the bullet to do a little justice for this look. I went with rich block colors here to keep it simple with such statement shoes and chucked on a denim blazer to toughen it up ever so slightly.   Way too many people quarantine a piece off for certain occasions - who says red silk work-appropriate blouses can't be merged into a super sweet look with a detachable collar and a layered skort? Which by the way reminds me to gush about how much I love hidden skorts - ever wondered how I walk around in really short skirts without flashing people? Well, first up - I always wear nice underwear and seriously - most of my pieces are actually skorts which effectively solve the coverage issue. I've had this denim jacket since I was twelve and unfortunately, it's never gotten enough wear because get this guys - this is a denim jacket without a collar! Yep, that's right - some genius went ahead a designed a boucle style denim jacket in the early days of 2000 where we all aspired to look like Lizzie Macguire.  Those are not real lapels for the record, they are my attempt to makeshift lapels by buttoning the regular buttons onto the front pockets. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

denim jacket - hotline
red silk blouse - thrifted
layered skort - MISSFOX
white thigh-highs, lace collar - somewhere
faux-litas - DIY, Yalda


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Gentleman Caller

Before I get started - look over at the column on the right?  Notice anything new?  No? Yes?  YES!  I am the super, duper lucky winner of the Holiday Hop contest hosted by Michelle from DaisyButter and that means a lot of vouchers are coming my way....with a giveaway coming to all you lovely, awesome people very, very soon!  Thanks so much to everyone who left comments of support - you are all freaking awesome people and I urge you all to click on it to visit all the other winners and check out all the great entries for this comp.  And now that I have a little spare time, expect a sneaky blog design revamp too :)

As promised, I present to you...Day 1 of a Week of Spring!  ....Oh, a new haircut which looks really quite like a birdsnest right now since I rolled out of bed to do this shoot for you guys but I promise you it really does look quite nice in person and that I am not completely delusional.  I finally got this Lippy bowler off trademe yesterday and I'm now convinced the reason hats look funny before on me was not due to my head shape but actually my hair...who knew, right?  Anyway, it inspired me to put together a little femme menswear inspired look incorporating some of my favorite spring pieces. 
This lovely blouse was a leaving gift from my ex-bf when I left NZ in March, who by the way has gone back to just being my best mate again and apart from being a fair bit on the sheer side, is freaking perfection (collared, sheer, multiple buttons, pussybow).  These gorgeous printed pants are actually petite Ralph Laurens I happened to thrift from Goodwill in Savannah and despite being not as fitted near the ankle, the length is fairly flattering and best of all, high-waisted.  This outfit is usually paired with my platform loafers or my salmon pink brogues which, like the rest of my spring/summer shoe collection is somewhere in the storage unit waiting to be unloaded back into my dorm room in a week's time so I had to make do with some alternative thinking.  Grabbed my sister's low heeled maryjanes and a pair of trusty polka dot socks to keep the whole look polished, but comfortably relaxed with a little injection of menswear flair.  (Heh, that totally rhymed.) 
Photobucket  To my lovely, fleeting spring - I come bearing flowers, ready to be unwrapped. ;) Photobucket Photobucket
blouse, socks - Valleygirl
pants - Ralph Lauren petite
shoes - my sister's
bowler hat - Lippy
belt - some store in SM mall of Asia


Tuesday, 28 August 2012


After harassing the poor people at Good Guys for a couple of days - looks like I'll be getting my camera back before this Friday so I can present as a kind of good-bye-for-now-to-Auckland gift, 7 days of Spring outfits until I leave on Sept 7th.  I didn't really get into blogging prior July so you didn't get to see my internal Savannah spring of pastel-y, british school girl inspired goodness so this will be a little sneak peek for all you guys. :)  Still no camera yet, so for now - gaze upon all this springtime wonder discovered on pinterest and if you're in the mood for some background music, I completely in all my brony-ness recommend the 800x slowed down version of a spring awakening song of My Little Pony: FIM here.  I am utterly serious - gives me freaking goosebumps every time.

Pastel has been going around for a bit every spring - but I've been getting a little bored of strictly that so despite wearing out my ditsy print pieces, I've started to lean towards slightly stronger injections of color, a more structured take on springtime girlyness and a serious obsession with the visual perfection that makes up brit private school uniforms.  Oh, and grey is officially my new black. 


Saturday, 25 August 2012

I Spy many DIY(s)

Bad news: my zoom lens is currently acting up, so that's at the store being fixed with my DLSR which means no more lovely pictures for atleast two more days because people at the store are ridiculously slack at getting stuff fixed.  Also going back on NZFW so no chance of catching anything that week - going to be too busy packing and finishing a spiderman-esque bikini that I am constructing myself after being disgusted by sloppy chainstore cash-in executions.  Does anyone seriously have no respect for geekdom anymore?  PEOPLE.  Sigh. 

Good news: for my fellow JAFAs - is anyone else as stoked about the weather as I am?  My pasty legs are seeing the sun once again and it feels insanely good.  Also stopping work = lots of down time.  With my e-learning classes on the last week, discovering UK skins (does anyone else love this show so much especially with the initial cast?), I am DIY-ing like a mad woman.  Thought I'd share my first planning sketches for two projects that are almost nearly done.

I saw a tutorial based on a LV collar look-a-like on HonestlyWTF a while back here and kept on the top of my DIY list, not to mention I was already dead keen on doing a DIY thanks to the magic of Rookie here.  So it only made sense that when I got time, I came up with this almost puritanical color template juxtaposed with hilarious stick-on googly eyes that honestly used to scare me as a kid pulled together on a shiny ribbon at the back.  I swear this is the simplest DIY if you have a nice shiny pair of fabric scissors and felt (the material used in the tutorial and in my design) is ridiculously cheap to buy too.  :) 
I know - you're thinking how can you be over velvet pink litas (even if they are anonymous knock-offs) right?  But the truth is that these are just getting a little tame for my liking so I took the plunge and went for a very lolita-on-her-giant-frou-frou-wedding look by creating a bouquet at the back with a little lace detailing just above the heel and added just a little sparkle with left over pearl studs from my collar decoration.  I'm about halfway through the process and I LOVE how they look so far! These will be the perfect spring addition for the 13 days of spring I have left!  

So excited to show you all the results :) 
Is anyone else doing a little DIYing before heading back to  school for fall?  


Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Modern Magician

Not loving the photo set for this look but I just couldn't wait to show you one of my favorite car-coats ever before I leave in another month to summery fall in Savannah in September.  This is a piece inherited from my mom and I swear it is the most stunning beautiful coat I own - light weight but warm, the nicest shade of violet-pink against grey and although I never really did love Howl's Moving Castle the way other people did, man that guy had a incredible animated wardrobe.  This coat, while missing the diamond checkerboard print reminds me so much of it that I had to put together a Howl inspired look to share.  Remember how I got a little crazy over harem pants and bought three pair with different prints in the same cut?  Well this is pair no.2 (see work-safe pair no. 1 here) and although not the one I was most excited about when I ordered them, is probably the one that goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe.   The key with wearing harem pants especially one with so much hip volume is to keep it streamlined up top so I paired it with a slightly sexy sheer lace top borrowed from my Mom who has freaking amazing taste (benefits to being back home for the holidays).  This piece will probably end up in my suitcase this time when I head back too.

Speaking of the end of things - absolutely cannot wait for the end of next week! Then I'm off work for two almost full weeks filled with time to DIY and dress up to my heart's content.  Expect a couple of projects to show up here too including a revamp of the heels of the pair of violet velvet shoes below :)  

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

coat, lace shirt - vintage
harem pants - MD Fashion
faux-JCs - yalda


Friday, 17 August 2012

Fall for Spring

I know that we are kind of heading in to spring territory in NZ but to be honest, I'm a little over spring seeing as I spent march - may in slightly humid, but sunny Savannah springtime.  Right now, I'm craving every shade of autumn right now - berry hues, jewel, colors, knits against metallics and just-right bowler hats, whatever it is, I want it.  The hilarious thing is that Savannah will still be crazy hot when I head back so I'll probably spend the rest of August dressing like it's fall, head back to actual fall but end up having to wear all my summer stuff, which is not altogether a bad thing.

At a recent haul this week at Supre, I snapped up a pair of skinny gold metallic jeans for $3.70 which is such a great deal like you wouldn't believe.  I'm fairly certain the original prices was at least $60.00 which for me, is way too much to spend on statement jeans.  Anyway, I've already figured out a dozen David Bowie-esque ways to wear them but I was pairing stuff up in my wardrobe when I thought - why not try to make metallic gold casual?  I don't dress down much - especially not in jeans but I thought I'd make a exception and swap out my standard printed leggings/tights + sweater combo to showcase these babies for you.  Electric blue ruffle knee high boots, lashes of chinese aboriginal print and metallic doesn't sound like it would even belong in the same universe, but weirdly enough they come together to make a awesome equestrian-esque look.  I completely feel like the fourth member of the Saddle Club apart from the fact that I have ridden a horse once in my life.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

sweater - Mom's
scarf, clutch - taobao
metallic jeans - Supre
velvet boots - Charlotte Russe


Lucky Four

For those on the southern hemisphere - HUZZAH FRIDAY!  For those who are still stuck on Thursday - stick it out guys, only one day to go.  I was flicking through some blogs via links on posts and I came across one blog, although not my cup of tea had a really awesome idea, which was a list of things they were personally grateful for over a week and it's inspired me to adopt this idea for myself.  I'm a pretty determined and ambitious person which means that I'm always thinking about how I will make myself better all round so it's definitely a awesome feeling to take a break out of a day to reflect on how while getting somewhere better will be awesome, I am incredibly lucky to have all the things currently going in my life for me.  While I share a big part of me on this blog, I'm not quite ready to share all of me, so instead I will be grateful for all the things that have happened for me personally this week and share the ones that involve you wonderfully supportive people.  :) 

1)  The New Look comp.  Not only did this bring me out of a bit of a art rut, but I also like the pieces I have created enough to use them as a portfolio piece which is a double win!  I hate to whore out that post like crazy, but if you haven't checked it out already, take a look here and I would be infinitely grateful.  If you have checked out the post and are keen to take part (it is a international comp so go for it!) just click on that nice yellow advert for it below! 


2) Rivista Di Moda is a brand spanking new fashion/art community - similar to IFB but with a wider range of subjects that are covered.  They are compiling monthly issues to share their favorite picks of submitted content and I was lucky enough to be featured as a their "Talent To Watch" for August as well as well as two outfit post features (one in the dot trend, and one in their Haute Looks for the month).  Unfortunately we couldn't co-ordinate a time to have a proper interview for the mag in time for the release date so the information on the article is mostly cut/paste from my blog which is unfortunate because some parts don't flow very well as one article + slight resizing issues most apparent on the last page but I'm very grateful for being featured anyway.  It means a lot as a student artist and super n00b blogger to be featured in anything really, let alone a official monthly feature  :) I am sure that as with all things, RDM will get better and better over time :)Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 3) Time to sound exactly like the materialistic blogger I am - infinitely grateful for the Supre Sale that hit Auckland this week. I usually don't buy things from Supre because most of the pieces are overpriced for the quality (especially regarding statement pieces) and their collection of sexier clubbing pieces are often made of fabric that wrinkles or looks much cheaper than it's actual price.  But this week after getting paid I had a bit of a under $22.40 spree where I picked up a red plaid bodycon, a pair of electric blue glittery hot pants, gold skinny jeans and a gorgeous lilac knit all in one haul which I will be doing a haul post on over the weekend :)

4) You guys!  I appreciate every comment I receive and I love hearing your thoughts and stories.  A few posts back before just before I hit 100 (officially documented) readers as a big thank you for supporting me so far I promised 5 custom sketches for 5 sincerely awesome people who have been part of this incredibly miniscule (1.5 month) journey so far!  (Please do not stone me, I know I'm not the best at capturing the essence of a person but I am trying. XD)

Photobucket Photobucket
from top to bottom, left to right

No. 100! = Julie from Surreptitious-Lies:
15 years old with crazy, crazy style.  The sketch of her above is one of my all-time favorites of her style combining a kind of witchy gothic goes steampunk vibe via body harness and glasses of awesome.  Also, as proof she has truly rad taste she paired the outfit with leggings I also eyed up at Glassons :P

Aisling from Aishee and her mind:
Mad thanks for being one of the first ever people to officially put your name down as a reader on my blog!  Since that time, I think her blog is now defunct or atleast on hiatus (which is sad) but feel free to flick over it and marvel at her awesome inspired vintage looks.   

Cassandra of BacktoFive
Leaves great comments and runs a lifestyle blog that currently has a super hilarious + cute vid of her putting make up on her bf blindfolded (you know a guy loves you when he lets you do that, and that he has a awesome sense of humor and is a complete sweetheart)

Elly of FlyElephantFly:
Has spectacular style (this is of her fall outfit that I'm completely coveting) and the sole reason I completely need a pair of tartan pants for a/w 2012 because hers kind of stole my soul.  She is also has the best smile which looks awesome in photos. 

Katherine of Corgis&Cocktails:
Rocks sunnies + cute printed dressses like no other and has two insanely cute dogs and came up with the rad REMIX tag where she creates different looks with the same piece reminding us all that despite our bulging closets and that voice in our heads that say "I have nothing to wear!" we actually do.

Just a short note, as much as I appreciate comments, I don't do follows-for-follows.  I did maybe five or so when I first started blogging but it just felt so unfulfilling to build up readership that way that I sincerely regret doing so.  That said - leave your links, I love finding out how insanely hilarious, real and radically stylish all of you are and sometimes I fall in love with you guys and your blogs so much I end up following you anyway. :)


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Holiday Hop Into New Look

I've been really a fan of Michelle of Daisy Butter since well, forever really.  Michelle is one of my favorite bloggers because she is so darn relatable - her geek outs are like my geek outs, not to mention one of the first style blogs I discovered ever back in the ancient era of 2010 and it's kind of inspiring and awesome to see how much she's grown in the industry. When I noticed that she was collaborating with New Look for a chance to win a massive holiday wardrobe, I pretty much did a happy dance.  I'm going to admit that I had never even heard of New Look before I did this - but I'm so glad I did!  It's definitely a treasure trove of amazing steals so get ready for a long post :) 

The challenge?  To go through New Look's gloriously affordable range and pick out five outfits for the perfect holiday (Travel, Poolside, Beach to Club, Sunset Supper, Beach It) :)  Of course a chance like this equaled the perfect chance to break out my pencils and do a little illustrating.

1. monochrome aztec cardigan / 2. paprika photographic print bodycon / 3. pink tailored harem

So let's talk travel gear.  Heading on a plane for me means wearing clothes that don't crinkle - no cute pleats, neatly pressed pants...nada and lots of sitting means  that jeans are really not a fun option.  As a seasoned plane flyer, the longer the flight, the colder it will be up in the sky.  Take measures to keep snug until you hit the landing strip and then everything can come off.  Well, not quite everything if you don't to get deported.  I picked this fun screenprinted body con - the fabric definitely won't wrinkle and it's enough of a statement piece to look put together enough when you land and the layers come off.  A slouchy cardigan, one in my absolute favorite summer print (aztec) will be super cozy and fairly light weight and a pair of neutral harem pants to throw over the bodycon temporarily on board will keep your legs nice and warm.  I've been a bit iffy about the clear cut-outs in bags for a while until I saw this color-blocked number and had a brain wave: that clear cut out means you can see everything in your bag.  No more searching around for your passport in front of the unsmiling security with the giant dog anymore!  HUZZAH!  Photobucket

Let's be honest - fancy hotel pools are not really for swimming in.  The purpose of a nice turquoise sparkling pool out in the sun is so that you can flaunt that bikini like a screen siren with your giant sunnies and pretend that just for today, you are that VIP girl.  I've always liked metallics when it comes to swimwear but to avoid looking too much like girl-washing-car-sexily-in-rap-music-video/Vanilla Ice's scary looking wife, mix/match a silver piece with a darker hue.  I went with a wine palette for this look thinking of a jet-setting 70s vibe so I threw this amazing purple cover up on top (aren't you loving that glitter hemed edge?) and topped off with compulsory wannabe-celeb sunglasses and a fun little gold headband since we all know we aren't really going to be touching that water.
Photobucket Photobucket
1. black satin clutch / 2. baroque print skater dress / 3. same bikini (see above) 

 Less is more when it comes to club wear, but a little more is necessary to get into places that don't advertise mud-wrestling girls and under-wear-free ladies nights.  Don't have time to get fully primped up after a day out in the sun? Just pop this beautiful baroque print dress over your bikini - the cut outs add just enough sexy hints and the length will really emphasize those tanned legs.  If you're one of those girls who can't go anywhere without a good necklace, if you don't have one on hand create a body-harness look by cross tying that bikini halter across your neck for added interest.  Throw on a pair of heels in a electric blue to add a little color and clutch with a body chain is a must so you don't end up being that girl waving her hands and her purse in the air like she just don't care...until all her stuff falls out. 

Whenever I go anywhere - I like to get properly dressed up atleast once and what better time to break those crazy statement heels than a sunset supper?  Sheath dresses have always been a personal favorite of mine but they do verge on being a little formal so when I saw this gorgeous turquoise number with the metallic epaulettes on the shoulders my mouth dropped open.  To play up the fun qualities, stack up some chunky statement bracelets and instead of going for that high bun, try braiding a light scarf in with your hair to add a little interest.  If you're feeling extra experimental, try wearing a statement necklace backwards, yes you heard me, backwards.  With a open back, the necklace will look like a chain decoration in the middle and up the glamor factor by about a bazillion times.
Photobucket 1Photobucket

I'm going to admit that I do possibly just as little swimming on a beach as I do by a hotel pool.  The difference is that I do a lot of other things on a beach, like making sandcastles even though I'm too old for that and squelching my toes in wet sand and badly playing beach volleyball and splashing cute people and skinny dipping at night which is why I sometimes I opt for the classic one-piece.  One pieces don't have to be boring and safe - this bright red bottle print one has just the right touch of pop-art kitsch and it comes with a rope belt which is a really cute touch.  For time out of the water, pop a lace crop top on so that the red will peek through and just pull on a high waisted skort if you need to walk down the road without being honked about a dozen times.  Yes, I know denim is classic for summer but remember how darn uncomfortable denim is when it's wet and how it starts to rub your skin raw - go with a something in light weight like cotton where it will dry itself out in no time.  A classic bag adds a unexpected twist to the whole look but to avoid looking too dressed up, I went for these festival-esque Chinese Laundry sandals that I completely want to own myself.

So there you have it!  5 killer looks courtesy of New Look!  As part of the judging is on how much social media the entries generate I would really, really appreciate it if you left a comment showing your support with a link back to your blog so I can pop my and visit!

feel free to lend a hand on these platforms too:
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