Friday, 3 August 2012

PR Series: Week 2 (and a very big THANKYOU!)

First up: 95 awesome people- are you kidding me? I read and appreciate every single one of your comments which always brightens my day and I never thought that within less than two months of seriously blogging that I'd be close to 100 followers! Everytime I think about it, I'm a little mindblown and utterly grateful that the blogging community is so supportive and welcoming of newbies like me. As a little thank you, follower No.100 will get a illustration of their choice from me and for everyone else who's followed, read and go through my posts, I will be using a random number generator to choose four other followers who will also get a special little illustration piece each from me. Some of you guys have left questions about how I work and prices, so I thought I'd do a quick little FAQ on me as a artist right here.  

1. Where do you go to school?
When I head back in fall, I will be starting my sophomore year at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) as a fashion marketing and management major with a minor in illustration.  I haven't actually taken any of my major/minor classes so all the illustration work you see right now is mostly a result of self-experimentation/self-taught-doodling and I can't wait to see how taking a real class in it will take me to the next level! 

2.  What do you use for your illustrations?  How long does it take?
I mostly illustrate digitally, its actually slower for me than hand illustration and I illustrate the way I draw by hand using a tablet (Intuos3) on photoshop.    

3.  How much for a picture of me?  
For official headers/etc, check out the FAQ.  If you just want a quick little sketch via the round-format that's been popping up on my OOTD posts that's just $5! 
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
For a more detailed picture that obviously takes more time, effort and collaboration on your part to get it perfect, prices start at $10 and end at $20.  How this gets priced is really up to what you want - a simple fashion portrait of you in b/w will obviously be a bit cheaper than you in full haute couture surrounded by a menagerie of flying monkeys and a massive white bengal tiger rug with a midget massaging your feet.  :)
Photobucket Photobucket

Two weeks officially done and dusted with the Project Runway challenge. Even though the sign of countdown clock still scares the crap out of me (which is extremely relevant as a art student), I kind of like the pressure it puts on me because I get stuff done. This one was a lot harder to work with because I had such a great initial concept that just didn't translate well so I ended up reworking the entire thing twice and the bottom half of the design about 6 more times to get it right and I'm still not completely satisfied not to mention I had to think about how to make 80% of the garment from candy.  What started out solely inspired by shoulder pads, harem pants and lyre-inspired back has now transformed into a elegant little number keeping with the same grecian influences with a little bit of 1920s and baroque sneaking its way in. All the multicolored strands will be made from twizzlers (interweaving the colors will create a gradient effect), the rossette is made from strawberry wheels and the petal effect from strands of sour belts. Not happy with shoe selection because I had cut out ankle boots or some form of sandal in mind but without those options, stuck with nude Jessica Simpson platforms. Also, super excited about getting to reveal a blogger header design I've been working on for Mika St Fleur of La Femme Tres Chic
This was the initial concept before I scrapped it and restarted over.  Those massively padded sleeves were originally going to be made out of caramel popcorn.  I still love the idea though, and I can promise you that silhouette will be coming back before this series is over.


  1. You're so so talented, following and looking forward to seeing more! ...And, I'm having a pajama day today! ^_^

  2. I love your blog, you deserve way more than 100 followers! And are you actually on project runway? I love that show!

    1. Hahaha! I wish - (actually I don't, I would totally be cast as the overambitious villain of the series given my dictator like work tendencies and also because I am not much of a sewer :P) No, this is part of a illustration challenge which follows the current season of US Project Runway Season 10. That said, I am a massive fan of the show too, but just so I don't get influenced by the show I am not watching this season until the challenge is done.

  3. You are incredibly talented - we always look forward to the next amazing post from you! Great job!

  4. ah you deserve those followers and many comments, you have a really great blog ! and your illustration is really nice !

    Journal J

  5. You're very talented, no wonder you have many followers ;) You deserve much more!

  6. i love your blog :):) i'm following you, visit my blog if you want .)

  7. Your amazing illustrator

  8. I love your illustration darling, I can't stop to tell you this!
    I'm very happy for you, I am a blogger since two months like you and I'm very happy to have supported you!
    I already follow you with GFC(Marta Chic) , Bloglovin' and Lookbook, if you have others contacts I will be happy to follow you also there! Follow me back if you want ^_^
    And a big THANK YOU fro your heart on my latest look on Lookbook <3
    ChicToChic on Facebook

  9. you are amazing dear! really love your illustrations <3
    i'm following you now :)
    Michelle Angeline

  10. Oh wow, Anni - your new pieces for the Project Runway contest are amazing! I particularly like the second one - her high collar is so edgy. I love those pieces where they come up and cover the lower half of the face. Reminds me of a ninja. :)
    Anyways, congratulations on all your new followers! That is so awesome. And ahh, so lucky to the people who will receive your illustrations. ^^
    hearts; xixia |

  11. Amazing drawings ! :)
    keep on creating !


  12. Thank you for your comments!

    Well, I guess because I'm Chinese,
    so the influence is in my blood :D

  13. wow, amazing drawings :) I'm your new follower :)

  14. I'm amazed! Great illustrations!


  15. Your illustrations are fantastic! You have a really unique and elegant style to your drawings, great work :)

  16. You are very talented! The illustrations looks so cool! love it!