Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sound Check

I actually wore this on Wednesday but life (which should actually be non-life thanks to a ridiculously intensive workload) has kept me pretty damn busy.  I'm going to be doing weekly updates of the projects I do for my classes, so look out for a blog post sometime this week/early next week on what I've been up to/has been sucking away my life.  This is the second lovely piece I snagged from Modcloth - I ended up going for a M size as it was the only one left and because this lovely shirt-shift dress would probably look a nicer on a looser fit.  The officially named the 'Sound Level Headed Dress' is kind of brilliant and I promise you that I am not getting paid/sponsored to say this whatsoever.  The end of summer has still been pretty damn hot and the fit and fabric are oh-so-easy-breezy in summer heat, the slight high-low hem of the dress means I can show off that leg and avoid wind flips in the back, not to mention I've never had a geometric dress quite like this.  On top of all that, the neon accent edges are a really cute touch which I didn't expect because the color was a little richer on the website, but not unwelcome as I have no hints of neon in my closet.  The little crop cardi is surprisingly a great deal from F21 which was neat little find - I love the retro pattern and although I could definitely work it in a more preppier style, I went for a little throwback color blocking for the day. 

Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketMy default for accessorizing - rich berry hued lipstick, statement necklace and sturdy cuff.   Photobucket
I was also extra excited for this look because my other amazing, amazing purchase came through - namely, these mint gingerbread man print wedges from ASOS which I first spotted on Lauren from Horrible Lauren here.  I did find them a bit exxy though, so I kept them on my waiting list and lo and behold with the massive back to school sale, plus a extra 10% deal at the checkout I was sold and these were ALL MINE.  They are still on sale at ASOS here so snap up a pair if you hear the call ;)
Sound Level Dress- Modcloth
Crop cardi - F21
Necklace - EQUIP, Bracelet - Cotton On
Gingerbread wedges - ASOS


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Summer Acid

 The last couple of days have been crazy and tiring just settling back into my sophomore year of college.  Brilliant things include having gorgeous sunny weather which also results in much nicer skin for me, being back in this damn inspiring place, a lovely abundance of packages from F21, ASOS, Modcloth and others which made me feel like it was Christmas with so much to unwrap, a lovely wireless remote which is the most brilliant investment ever (less than $30 bucks guys!) and of course, lovely sunlight to shoot photos in.  I've never bought anything from Modcloth before due to the prices before their lovely back-to-school sale so I was super pleased that the two items I snagged were just as wonderful as they are on the website.   I'm so stoked with both, that I'll be showcasing them on my blog one after another this week.  Seeing as I'm still  catching lots of sunshine, I'm sort of celebrating my mini US summer by wearing the most summery-outfits instinctively; neon doesn't work too well on my skintone but acidic brights, feather, glitter and summer waves are just right. 
Photobucket This lovely, lovely cut-out crop top is one of my new Modcloth purchases - admittedly, it is a little on the small side for my bust which I assumed it would be considering XS was the only size left, but it is such a lovely shape and I've never owned a tight crop top before so I can't bear to donate it or attempt to re-sell it on line.  I love the sci-fi feel of the cut out and shape, high neck lines are always a bonus for me and the crop sits right under my bust which is exactly where I want it as I like to emphasize my waist when I dress. For petite girls: never listen to advice that maxi skirts make us look short (that, is a confusion mix up between the midi and maxi) - floor sweeping maxi's elongate our frames so we can look tall even via flats so don't be scared to wear one, especially since a change in fabric can make it a staple all year round. Photobucket Photobucket No that is not a super cool, hipster key bracelet.  That is my room key, because I am so forgetful I have to literally keep it on me at all times so I can't possibly lock myself out. Photobucket My feet have been hell after that 28-ordeal via the Auckland/LA/Atlanta/Savannah flight so I've just been dressed down in flats all week so far and my Ed Hardy's were perfect. They really are the comfiest, and as Ed Hardy shoes - the grungier they get, the better they look. Photobucket
crop top - Motel Rocks @ Modcloth
skirt, bracelets - Shanghai
 feather necklace - EQUIP
glasses - dollar store somewhere
shoes - Ed Hardy


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Gelivable-y Awesome (a sneak preview)

I'm going to be a little MIA for a couple days as I leave Auckland tonight and seeing as I probably will have no internet for a couple of days in my dorm (Hello Savannah again!) while I unpack my shit and get life sorted, I'm going to leave you with a tantalizing little sneakpeek at what you could buy with the store credit at Geliveable Gift which has offered to collaborate with me for a giveway I will announce sometime next week!  Geliveable - is a chinglish made up word that pretty much means awesome or cool, and that is exactly what each piece is. At super affordable prices (all these amazing pieces below are less than $10 USD so you can find some for yourself even if you don't win the giveaway), you can afford to express that inner geek with style.  If there's two things I'm equally passionate it's geeking out over shit I love and getting over-dressed every single day so I pretty much squealed when I discovered this little wonder of a Etsy store.  

 I know what you're thinking - everyone's seen ear cuffs now but the coolest thing about these, is that the spiked ends are modelled after kunai (daggers) from Naruto!  :)  For those who are Narutards (like my sister), there is also a lovely little sand gourd necklace as well in store.
Steampunk style snitch book mark that opens up to reveal a hidden pocket watch inside.  How could this get any cooler?  
This charming DeathNote necklace actually opens up to reveal yet another hidden clock - this is kind of awesome. 
Day of the Dead inspired bracelet: his constitutes some serious rave candy. 
This, my lovely readers is a steampunk inspired fanmade custom Hunger Games pocket watch!  The pocket watch (which is gorgeously ornate and working!) comes attached with a mockingjay chain and a little bow and arrow charm.
And last but not least, this little dragonfly charm definitely caught my eye because of its simple, but effective design.  I definitely see this a great transition piece for both fall and spring, not even mentioning how rad this would look layered with fringe and chokers for a summer festival vibe.  

Excited yet?  Well, you should be. :P


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Flowers Blossom/Leaves Fall

And today (technically tomorrow) marks my last full day of Spring in NZ and my last of the Spring outfits to show you all!  If any of you are Auckland girls, you'll know that the last couple of days have suddenly gotten really cold again so I figured I'd showcase a light layering look.  This hat is just a brand new purchase because yesterday I popped by a EQUIP store, saw the massive, massive fall/winter clearance sale and pretty much just grabbed everything.  I'm a sucker for floppy brimmed hats and what's really great about the two I have so far is that because they are transeasonal colors and not made out of summery-straw material, they are going to slide nicely into my fall wardrobe as well.  I had to show you this little kimchi skort I snagged at Urban Outfitters last Spring because it pretty much became my spring staple of 2012 and also because it is like the BFFL to these fun aztec print booties that are my ultimate year round staple.  This is slightly more of a spring look as I've added a sunny trenchcoat on top to keep me warm, but I could just as easily pair it with a slick dark blazer or a brown hooded cape and it would instantly transition into a fall look just by switching up the color palette a little. 

I also am super excited to tell you that I will be partnering up with a fantastic little etsy store for a really, really awesome fashionably geeky giveaway (Hunger Games, Harry Potter fans get excited, especially if you like custom jewelry!) which will be announced next week so keep a eye out.  
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
trenchcoat - rupsapa @ Shanghai
contrast trim blouse - ASOS
pleated skort - kimchi @ Urban Outfitters
maroon tights - Glassons
aztec print booties - Charlotte Russe


Sunday, 2 September 2012


This is kind of a cheat outfit, well, atleast I consider it cheating because it takes absolutely no brain-power to put together on days where I can't be bothered dressing creatively and just need to look semi-presentable.  For those days - printed leggings, a collared shirt and a slubby knit of some sort is kind of my version of "dressing down." :)  You've seen these leggings before in a more work-appropriate look a while back, but this sweater is a steal at $10 over the last couple of weeks at the Supre sale.  While I usually don't go for this kind of thing, the beautiful color just kind of called to me and with all the wine-palette inspiration I've been dying to work for fall, I think I'm going to get a fair bit of use out of it.  When I do casual, I still like to keep little hints of interest going so I picked up a piece of ribbon to use as a bowtie on my first and most loved vintage silk blouse, threw on a pair of pom-pom decorated hoops that still make me smile everytime and topped off to give these grey ankle booties a last good-bye as these will be staying in my Auckland wardrobe for the foreseeable future. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

sweater - supre
blouse - vintage
leggings - Glassons
shoes - Charlotte russe


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Springtime Schoolgirl

The truth about envelope clutches is that they are a bit like slinkies - quirky, fun but essentially useless.  Unless everything you carry with you is a perfect square shape that fits like a tangram puzzle into a rectangular frame, your bag starts to look lumpy and the perfection that is a envelope clutch is killed.....unless, you use it to carry the thin flat A4 notebooks for lectures that don't require a laptop/can't take a laptop because the lecture is so damn boring that you will be completely distracted by the internetz.  Now that I've figured that out - this little clutch is coming straight back to the US with me this time after being left behind for the much more wearable rocking horse satchel.  To be fair, this outfit is a little full of items that were a little tricksy in their own way - I bought this dress on whim just because it looked so interesting although I only saw it online on a hanger and I had no idea how it was actually going to turn out on my body (answer: AWESOME).  The boater hat on the other hand has been mine for a while but it's only since I got a perm recently that I've been able to wear it without looking hella awkward.  These amazeball slip on heels are my mum's staples and I totally get why, they have a design that is almost furniture-like in conception (look at that heel - wait a moment, no pictures of the heel but it is like a polished metal cylinder with absolutely no tapering so it looks like it could be feet of a armchair) and look adorable with these khaki lace socks I nabbed from Glassons.

Photobucket Photobucket Look at how regularly shaped my head looks guys - I tell you, perms are seriously magic! I am now hopelessly addicted to hats now that I can wear all kind of them now. Prepare to see one nearly ever post. Or something on my head. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket 
dress - MD Fashion @ Taobao
boater - somewhere over the internets
rose necklace and various shiny things - EQUIP
lace socks - Glassons