Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Simply Ad(u)rable

Confession: as much as I love Auckland sunshine and being 10 mins away from the beach, I kind of am missing fall weather. Missing the wind in my hair, how good pumpkin spice latte smells (hate how it tastes, a caramel macchiato girl for life), wrapping up in a good cozy jacket... so when it ended up being a little chillier and wetter today, part of me was like "Damnit - how will I shoot in this crap weather?" and the other half was like "JACKET<33!" It's been a while since I've dressed up as girly as this so this was a little bit of nostalgic fun.  This gorgeous lace top and skort are technically my little sister's (although our wardrobe is pretty interchangeable really) and I'm very, very tempted to steal the top to wear through winter in a slightly more sophisticated combo with a gorgeous vintage purple fur coat and (imaginary) sleek leather pants of my dreams.  For now though, I'm keeping it simple, cute with a touch of oversized corduroy.  Photobucket Photobucket Apart from the fact that this blouse is utterly gorgeous, one of my favorite parts is that lace over lay isn't fully attached at the bottom so I can tuck in the shirt and leave the lace out for a little bit of a surprise peplum effect.  And of course, my new boots make another appearance -  told you guys you'd be seeing these babies for a while.  Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket This particular coat was a brand new find at a flea market about a year ago for $10. I love the almost khaki color, corduroy is one of my all time favorite fabrics and I love the double button lapels and the slight bulk it adds to any silhouette.  It has a very vintage military feel (think parachuting/aviation)that could definitely be played up with a pair of fitted jeans, high boots and sleek turtleneck and it doubles down as a more grown up piece to tone down super girly looks like this one.  Photobucket  Photobucket When I play with textures, and in general I tend to keep it simple with accessories. This particular choker is one of my favorites, quirky, elegant and kind of timeless - it's a small detail that always makes a outfit that much better for me. Photobucket

  green corduroy jacket - market/ white lace top, pink skort - MISSFOX / boots - Glassons

By the way, any great market finds lately?  Drop me a comment and share yours with me because I'm dying to feast my eyes on some #supersundaymarket deals. 


  1. I also live 10 minutes away from the beach (Farm Cove) Auckland weather's really crazy right now but you're still able to pull that outfit off! :) I love it.

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  2. Great outfit, reminds me a bit of Harajuku style, which I adore.

  3. Very Pretty ! You have such cute style. Beautiful.

    Xo Amy,
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  4. I'm so loving the outfit!! You look gorgeous!

  5. OMG! !you look sooo cute!!!!
    ribbons and peplums are my weakness, i totally ADORE them!
    i followed you! do follow me back too!

  6. just perfection <3

  7. thanks for the comment, falling to your blog immediately! wanna follow each other?

  8. Very cute post!love this!
    that's amazing!Love your sense of style!!

  9. I love the cute pastel shades contrasting with the dark green cord, so pretty. <3

    // xx

  10. Really love this, and all of, your outfits! Great textured layering and will follow!

  11. Those boots are awesome, so feel free to wear them a TON! Plus they're such a nice color. I love the pink against the forest green in this outfit... it's so nice!

  12. LOL at the quote. As good as an umbrella. Haha. :)

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  13. Hey, Great blog! Your outfit is super cute :)

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  14. Nice lay-out, the shoes are adorble

  15. Thank you for your comments! Love your outfit! <3

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  17. sweet and with spirit :)

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  18. cute look Anni! I love your pink skirt xoxo
    keep in touch!

  19. i could never pull off a skirt like that. u look so beautiful! xO!

  20. Hi Annie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. This look is so adorable, I love all the sweet little details in it - the lace shirt, and pleated skirt. It has a great feminine touch along with a manly one added with the jacket. Awesome idea.

    Also enjoy Winter Break!


  21. You're back!! YAY! Hope you had a nice break :) I've been missing your wonderful inspirations, lately, though! Also, I have no idea how or why baby pink and white lace go with olive corduroy, but they do!! Nice job


  22. Hello :))

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    I loved your blog too, you have such a nice cute style and this look is great, like the boots a lot :)

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  23. You look nice c: I love the pumpkin latte!
    You live in Auckland? I always want to
    visit this place!


  24. I love the lace + skorts combo! It's so feminine, but when worn with the curdoroy jacket it's a great balance altogether! XD


  25. how smart to leave out the lace to create a peplum effect
    definitely a must try :)

    you look absolutely pretty
    it's amazing how you can pull off both grungy edgy and sweet look!!

    definitely your newest follower
    hopefully you'd follow back :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  26. super duper love how you combine the military jacket with super sweet top and skirt! genius ;) following you now!

    Pudding Monster

  27. Hi Annie,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really love this look of yours. The colors combo is perfect and the skirt is really cute.

    xoxo- C.L

  28. This look is stunning, dear! I absolutely adore your sense of style – your blog is gorgeous! That skirt is so pretty.

    xoxo, Meera |

  29. Hi there:)

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog, i really really appreciate it! I love your blog, I love the header and the design of it. Your pictures are amazing and nothing compared to the pictures that I take :P All these compliments sound a bit exaggerated but all are true ;) I love your outfit, I love the vintage feel to it, who am i kidding, I love anything and everything vintage. Your little bow is cute! I should get one, I've created a habit of hunting down any vintage accessory or item I can find :P

    RE: Thank you for informing me what the shoes in my post are called. Boat shoes, what an interesting name ;) I learned a fashion fact thanks to you, thank you very much :)

    Your newest follower,

  30. love the outfit. so cute. thnx so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
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  31. love the outfit. so cute. thnx so much for your comment.
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    xo sabbi

  32. Hi dear, thanks for your sweet comment! Sometimes I also dislike crappy weather because it's hard to take nice photos. You look great in such a girly look!!

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  33. amazing outfit!!! i follow you now ;)
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  34. It's an interesting post with so much inspiration. Love the pictures!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    thanks for sharing!


  35. love the white lace top and pink skirt combination <3

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  36. I love the mix of textures here, and colours too!
    I wish where I live were thrift shops or garage sales, but no such luck...

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  37. Hey! You have such a cute blog! Love this top and skirt together :)

  38. I love this outfit. :)
    The skirt is so cute &
    I love the top.

  39. looooooove the lace top. And really nice the cut of the skirt-shorts.
    thanx for your comment

  40. Love your blog and this outfit is so cute!

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  41. Amazing!!!! perfect top ♥ your blog and style is the best!!!! :D

  42. Really cute outfit :)