Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Woodlands of December

I originally had a different post write up planned about the christmas-like joys of getting mail order purchases but right now it seems a little bit more fitting in the spirit of the last month of the year to get a little reflective on you guys.  This year was kind of crazy, with a major rollercoaster ride nearly everyday of the month and really figuring out where I'm at and now that it's almost over, I guess I've finally gotten the perspective I was looking for.  I just started blogging pretty much three months ago with a long hiatus in between and now that I'm starting up again, I feel like I have more direction of what I want my blog to represent and to become so hopefully you'll start to notice some changes around here.  So here's to a little self honesty, a little bit of soul searching and splash of holiday colors as we look to 2013 (and to my first every NYC trip as a official YMA Fashion Scholar of 2012 to attend the ceremony!  More gushing to come on a later post).  Btw, the giveway is still going so if you haven't entered....

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket That face above is probably the best shot ever on this blog. Awkward unintentional movement shots with grimacing FTW. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket AARGH just finished my accessories sketch and realized that I left out the sunnies. :( To be fair, those lasted about five minutes before I remembered that soul searching requires a best mate, a pack of KFC wings and choc berry krushers next to a lake. Photobucket
green lace swing dress - korean brand: online / gold cuff, chain cuff pair - 3 set: Cotton On / 
watch - giveaway/ boots: Glassons


Wednesday, 5 December 2012


A while (read, in September) I contacted the lovely Amanda of GelivableGifts and was thrilled to bits when she offered to sponsor $10 credit to her Etsy Shop.  Then college kicked in and then scholarship and sewing late and night and living on coffee kicked and it left me here, now in December, finally ready to announce.....MY VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! COMPLETE WITH BAD PUN TITLE!  Exciting stuff guys SERIOUSZLY.  In case you didn't catch my previous post here (or need a refresher), GelivableGift offers super quirky, cute and best of all....FAN-oriented jewelery and accessories so you can shout out your geeky obsessions while looking fabulous.  

Photobucket Photobucket  Since I last checked, a couple of new pieces have been added that have caught my attention and best of all, can all be bought with the giveaway credit, you could probably buy atleast two with some cheaper pieces and are affordable enough to nab a few for Chrissy even if you don't.
Photobucket Photobucket
This arrow spike necklace was inspired by the kunai (daggers) used in the Naruto anime and come in four different colors so you can pick the tint that you like best.  Personally, I'd go for the brass and silver with my wardrobe - the brass would look great with military inspired grunge looks and the silver would be a great way to add edge to a classy peplum playsuit or even to dress up a crisp white shirt dress. Photobucket Photobucket I've been loving hand jewelry lately and I absolutely love these two Hunger Games inspired looks.  I'm not a huge, huge fan of the movies (the books are much better...movies failed to do true fashion justice) but I adore the two ringed design just because the two rings are separate and so much more practical then those four-fingers-attached-to-each other designs. 
Photobucket I'm a little over cute to be honest, with all the recent twee and influx of peter pan collars mean that I can see adorable little bunnies on rings and my heart really doesn't melt at all----DAMN it.  Who am I kidding.  This is so freaking adorable only a serial killer wouldn't appreciate this.  Heck, even Dexter would totally rock this.  I swear.
Photobucket Photobucket Ok, technically this is not a specific Game of Thrones reference but seeing as I'm a obsessed nutbar about that show (and Kit Harrington has the prettiest damn kissable lips), this feels like one to me.  Would channel my inner Khaleesi by pairing this with a bustier and harem pants and gladiators for festival season and a draped maxi for walking along beach sand dunes.  
Photobucket Welcoming all PotterHeads.  Just look at this beauty....and it's only $5.  I don't think I need to explain that this could be worn with well, LIFE. 
Photobucket This little piece is one my favorite new additions.  Mixing a very decorative fairytale like glamor with a little steampunk grunge, this take on the ear cuff is perfection.  Best of all, there is a hidden earring stem/clasp so it'll make sure the cuff stays on. I have the kunai ear cuff from GelievableGift seen here and they are gorgeous and really comfortable to wear. Photobucket For the princess: if you've never quite gotten over Disney (I haven't) and still dream of that day Prince Charming will come, consider this little piece.  The carriage itself is gorgeous, I love the marbled texture of the body and best of all it opens up with enough room to leave a little note inside as well.  Gift idea, solved!

Amanda's done Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Deathnote, One Piece, Naruto, Alice In Wonderland, Steampunk, Titanic, Nightmare Before Christmas...but what would you like to see next?  Follow me on GFC, heart Gelivable Gifts on Etsy and geek out about your favorite fandom in a comment below and you could get a extra present this christmas.  


strawberry graphics used in design is from kjnnt/freedigitalphotos.net

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Solar Power Suit

Isn't it crazy how time flies?  It only feels like yesterday was the lazy days of January muddling through summer heat to get to that very first plane ride that would take me to the US in March and now it's almost come full circle.  The thing about reflection is that everything seems a lot more clear when you look back on it in retrospect, but I guess things are always easier after you've gone through stuff.  Memory strolling aside....I've been crazy excited to shoot this particular piece ever since I nabbed it at a Valleygirl 50% off sale last Thursday.  I dipped my foot into the peplum trend in winter with a lovely green skirt but I hadn't really found a top I liked because while I appreciate how gorgeous minimalist black peplums could be, I wanted mine with a little more jazz.  When I saw the range of beautiful floral digital prints Valleygirl had on a series of peplum dresses, tops and perfect skorts I had no choice but to give in a buy both a dress and a top.  Little overindulgent?  Hell yeah - but when you see the print on this, you'll understand.  Photobucket Thanks to my mom's amazing wardrobe, I'm fortunate enough to be the owner of a series of adorable matching suits with oversized blazers and perfectly tailored high waisted shorts but I have yet to buy a more casual summery set for myself. When I realised it was going to get chilly when I went out with my family for dinner, this became the perfect opportunity to create a suit set by matching pieces I already have. Went for denim on denim and a blazer to keep the suit aesthetic, but I picked more casual pieces (read: sister's borrowed blazer and super comfy BDG shorts that will withstand pigging out on sushi) to keep it young, fun and pretty casual.  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket No suit set is complete without a collar, so first I layered a trusty peach floral high-low hem blouse under the peplum itself, creating a waterfall effect with the layered ruffles. Not only did the mix of florals really bring out the richness of the peplum, it was also my cheat for the back cut out of the peplum. I frantically scrambled through my knickers beforehand trying to find a bra that wouldn't peep through, realized I'd left it in my dorm room a million miles away, debated not wearing a bra before realizing the fabric wasn't quite sturdy enough and it was getting nippy (no pun intended)....and then figured out I could layer a really sheer blouse underneath without getting bulky. GENIUS. Photobucket Photobucket I don't usually wear thinner strapped shoes just because I have essentially, small fat feet which I get stupidly conscious about but for some reason, this pair just works and makes them look oddly graceful which is very, very new to me. Photobucket

denim jacket - sister / peplum top - Chicabooti:ValleyGirl / floral blouse - Switch:Farmers
shorts - BDG: Urban Outfitters / green metallic wedges - Shanghai 

In other news (apart from how much this almost suit rocks), super, duper excited to announce two secured giveaway coming straight at all you lovely, lovely people in about....hmmmm...two days!