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I've gotten a lot of illustration requests recently (far more than I thought I would starting out) and I am very grateful and excited to be starting on many of these projects.  What is a little frustrating and partially my fault is that I didn't really specify many guidelines for emailing me regards to commissions so I'm going to try to fix that now with a little FAQ guide.  :)

Q: So want you to create a header/business card/button graphics for do I contact you and what do I say?  

A: Email me at with COMMISSION REQUEST as your subject line.   Hit me up with a link to your blog so I can check it out, specify what exactly you need (header, background, button, business card).  If you'd like to be extra prepared, have a few examples of blogs/designs you really admire and what you like about them - there are worlds of possibility out there but let's try narrowing it down to worlds that you really like.  

Q: I want my blog to look more professional and reflect me personally...but I want it to still be really personal.  How involved am I in the design process?

A: Everything I do will be touched on with you as the client.  I get that I have the all-mighty-art skills, but I also get that it's really important for that to be balanced out with what you think really represents your brand.   Starting from the initial concept I will work with you on the mood/feeling of a piece, graphics that you feel represent you accurately within the piece and the art-style itself.  This means that you will have a lot of room to exercise your creative vision too; a important thing to remember is that this is a two way street.  I work 'with' my clients, not just 'for' them so it's important for you to respond to emails/questions otherwise your input can't be taken in and it will take longer for a commission to be finished.  The final line is that I will not consider a project finished until you, all mighty client is happy with it.  :)

Q:  How much will it cost?  

A:  A typical personalized header will cost $30 USD and it comes with a bonus button that you can add to your sidebar.  When each project is finished, I do a blog post showing the process with links to your blog.  A business card alone will cost $15 USD.  For a combination of both; I am currently happy to do special with a $40USD package for a header, buttons and a double-sided business card.  Personal illustrations vary depending on size and content so email me and we'll see. :)      

Q:  I am a poor blogger who cannot afford YSL shoes to take out my trash in.  Do you do trades in exchange for publicity for free designs?  

A:  Unfortunately, I am also a poor blogger who cannot afford YSL shoes to take out my trash in and freelance work is how I pay for the regularly (but very cute) shoes I take out my trash in so I can't offer my services for free.  On occasion I will offer to free work for bloggers I really admire - I'll make contact if that's you.  Typically I will work for cash but if you feel like your offer is valid, email me and we can talk.  :)  I understand that cash isn't always a option for everyone.

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